RIT/MO festival brings a boutique clubbing experience for electronic music connoisseurs to Granada

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Combining a stunning natural setting with only a small number of spaces available for electronic music lovers, and a line-up made for connoisseurs, RIT/MO festival is bringing a fresh take on the classic festival concept to the slopes of Sierra Elvira (Atarfe, Granada).

On May 5th and 6th 2023, the boutique music gathering will see the likes of Sir Erol Alkan, Interstellar Sound, Local Suicide, Audrey Danza, Rey Colino and many more descend onto the Hermitage of the Tres Juanes Natural Area.

While following the traditional festival format in structure by organising its musical offering across two days and several sites, in reality the experience offers something completely unique and different from the prominent ‘macro festivals’. Those looking to dance without crowds and queues, and consider the setting of the event as important as the line-up, will love the concept behind RIT/MO.

With the previous edition seeing the likes of Red Axes, D. Tiffany, Curses, Pablo Bozzi, Damon Jee, Zombies in Miami and Reka, amongst others, take to the stage, the organisers have followed the same line for this year’s event.

From the United Kingdom, one of the kingpins of world underground electronica, Sir Erol Alkan, is just one of the jewels in the crown of RIT/MO’s musical programming. In addition, other highly recognisable names cater to even the most discerning of clubbers, such as Identified Patient, Interstellar Funk, Naone and Rey Colino. 

From Berlin comes the glitter of Audrey Danza, and the melodic darkness of Local Suicide. Also notable on the line-up is Mexican artists Andre VII, founder of Platino Records, and artistic director of the mythical club Bar Oriente.

The French scene is represented at RIT/MO by Belaria, who was recently selected as “one of the 10 leading artists of the French underground revolution” by Beatport. Joining from Frankfurt is Chinaski, an omnipresent artist on Live at Robert Johnson or Bordello A Parigi, and a master of sharp synths.

In addition, the Spanish homeland scene is coming in strong with a variety of different musical styles, ranging from the progressive and trance sound of Baldo to the synthesisers, house and Synth Wave of Undo and JackWasFaster (both playing live).

Another noteworthy addition is resident Nitsa Sama Yax with her uplifting disco and house music sound, and the creator of multilayered narratives, Oma Totem, who will perform in the live format that garnered rave reviews at the latest edition of Primavera Sound.

Revellers can also enjoy the unmistakable sound championed by Javi Redondo, and Dalila from Seville, who will land at RIT/MO following her recent, wildly successful session for Boiler Room. 

In short, electronic music lovers who favour the unusual and eclectic may not miss out on this very special festival experience where trance, dark and synth wave, house, electro and break beats are the main ingredients of a RIT/MO23 that is set to stimulate the most selective palates.

To find out more visit www.ritmofestival.com and check out their Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news. Tickets are available here.