Satori releases first track on EXIT Festival's new sub label for meditative and conscious electronic music

Satori has long been known for his hypnotic melodies and mind-altering earthy tones, and now the DJ, producer and musician has released the first track on EXIT Festival's new sub label dedicated to meditative and conscious electronic music.

Out on April 12, “Niška Banja” is a collaboration between Satori, Tamara Kezz and NAKED, and is the inaugural output on freshly minted imprint EXIT R:Evolution. Following the launch of EXIT Echosystem Music & Talent Office and its record label, the new label was created to promote healing, high vibration and world music, along with an exciting combination of traditional and electronic streams.

Created within the framework of the creative Europe-supported project MOST, which aims to boost the music market of the Balkans, “Niška Banja” sees renowned Dutch artist Satori work his magic on the traditional Serbian song “Niška Banja” (The Spa of Niš) to give it a contemporary edge.

Together with the band NAKED and rising Serbian talen, Tamara Kezz, Satori fuses a century-old musical spirit with modern sound. 

It's certainly an impressive launch into the industry for EXIT R:Evolution, which is set to put out music created to uplift the spirit, elevate vibrations, and cultivate an atmosphere of peace, love, transformative healing, joy, and universal acceptance,  intended to resonate with open-hearted and free-spirited souls.

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